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Latest from the Blog

Game Comparison Reflection

While writing this essay I realized how, not being given a very specific structure affected my writing. I still had little to no problem completing this essay but I just found it interesting that I had to create a whole structure by myself. At first I start with my introduction then the body paragraphs switch…

RIP Kobe #sq7

When I first read this task I was a little confused as to why this was asked of me but I did it anyway. I got the paper ball into the bin within my first 3 tries and I yelled “Kobe”, then stopped. I still can’t believe that he died and when I first found…

Activating My Pre-K Drawing Skills

Honestly where should I start? Isn’t this a masterpiece? Nothing short from spectacular! I knew I didn’t know how to draw that well so I decided to go with a classic concept of course; something that would trigger Gen Z’s childhood memories. There’s nothing better than a sunny day out with you, your house and…

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