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Literacy Narrative Reflection

I haven’t touched on that topic in a while. It was hard to do but it was relieving at the same time. There were a lot of repressed feeling and there still are some but everything always works out. After writing this out I realized how stubborn I am with my feelings. For the sake of pride I won’t let them out on certain occasions which I have to work on. I think the most interesting line from what I wrote was “I could only feel the black” because I feel as though so many people can relate to that.



Honestly this was an interesting side quest. I read through the assignment and the directions and immediately tried figuring out what I wanted to combine. I personally don’t see myself as the creative type but I somehow managed to piece two pictures almost seamlessly. Of course I’ll get better as time goes on. I couldn’t find two pictures that had the exact same color bear but it’ll do. If we were to look at this picture in a more creative and figurative sense I would say my picture conveys the difference between real and fake. The fake teddy bear looks automatically artificial, anyone can look at it and see that it’s fake. But the real bear has an insane amount of detail in the photo, especially in the fur because it’s real it’s authentic. No matter how much you try to make something fake look real it won’t be possible because there are certain characteristics that you simply can’t catch. #sq4

First Glance

Soooo maybe I’m slow or maybe the computer is slow but it took a while for me to find the Dropbox. Now it’s taking a thousand years to download because it just crashed. Note to Self: I need a better computer.

First Glance (Gris)

It’s a whole bunch of colors and the scenery is honest beautiful. I like the character’s hair I don’t think that’s significant but her hair looks nice to me. I also found her outfit interesting, it’s like it’s telling its own story. It’s flowy and dark so I guess it would signify freedom.

10 minutes…I think (Gris)

I honestly got bored. This game is supposed to deal with emotions and what not but I don’t know. I’m so used to action packed shooting games, this is definitely outside of my league. It’s cool though don’t get me wrong.

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