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Game Comparison Reflection

While writing this essay I realized how, not being given a very specific structure affected my writing. I still had little to no problem completing this essay but I just found it interesting that I had to create a whole structure by myself. At first I start with my introduction then the body paragraphs switchContinue reading “Game Comparison Reflection”

Activating My Pre-K Drawing Skills

Honestly where should I start? Isn’t this a masterpiece? Nothing short from spectacular! I knew I didn’t know how to draw that well so I decided to go with a classic concept of course; something that would trigger Gen Z’s childhood memories. There’s nothing better than a sunny day out with you, your house andContinue reading “Activating My Pre-K Drawing Skills”

It’s Basically All My Hobbies in a Bag, (+ Imagine My Xbox is There)

Items that you see above: ⁃ Black Backpack ⁃ Cleats ⁃ Goalie Gloves ⁃ Water bottle ⁃ Slides ⁃ Apparently Glowsticks Uno Cards (because why not) Not surprisingly, this image is a reflection of who I am as a person and the qualities I embody. I don’t have a favorite color (well maybe I doContinue reading “It’s Basically All My Hobbies in a Bag, (+ Imagine My Xbox is There)”